The Sentaro Iwata collection museum, Kindonichi Kan was opened in April 10th, 2009, to spread works of the late Sentaro Iwata.

We would like to show you the chosen masterpieces, illustration books, and books about Sentaro, from 800 of original illustration and 50 pictures of beauties. And you can look into Sentaro's world of beauty that Sentaro understood mind of people who are keen to moving era, and he skillfully illustrated scenes of people, society, and literature works in Taisho and Showa era. Also, you can see Japanese and Western painting works of other Sashi-E painters such as Kiyotaka Kaburaki (1878-1972) and Shinsui Itou (1898-1972) influenced by Ukiyo-e pictures, Harumi Tateishi (1908-1994), Yoshio Takagi (1923-2001), and Shouha Itou (1877-1968). We replace a part of works twice in a year.

Ukiyo-e, which was loved by the people in Edo-era: beauty pictures of Edo Ukiyo-e was inherit from Kuniyoshi Utagawa (1798-1861), Yoshitoshi Tukioka (1839-1892), and Toshikata Mizuno (1866-1908), then transferred to Kiyotaka Kaburaki, Shinsui Itou, and Sentaro Iwata. Sentaro's style is based on traditional Ukiyo-e, and he assimilated methods of modern painters with ductile sensitivity. Sentaro always said, "Paint isn't drawn but be born…I should not draw." As his words, beauty pictures which developed at the same time with his works adroitly portrays women's hidden emotion.